Elegant Accessories for Ballerinas, Made in NYC.

I make shoe bags, ballet skirts and accessories using high-end American-made laces. The ribbons and trimmings used in my designs are made in the USA. Everything is sewn by me, in my home studio, and each piece is hand-cut to ensure perfection. Made in NYC.

Why Entrechat Dance? An entrechat (ahn-truh-SHAH) is a ballet jump where the dancer crosses and beats their legs multiple times. The term “entrechat” comes from the Italian intrecciata, which means “interlaced” or “interwoven,” like the the leavers laces I love working with. In French, the word sounds like “Between Cat.” This pun was the inspiration for our kitty logo, created by Sean King Design.

Scalloped Alexandra Lace Pointe Shoe Bag, embellished with genuine Swarovski® Crystals, makes a perfect pairing with our Alexandra Lace ballet wrap skirt.

My Story

I'm an FIT graduate, who's been designing for an upscale lingerie company for over a decade. From my first ballet class as a toddler, to the adult classes I take and ballets I attend, dance has always been a part of my life.

I launched Entrechat Dance to combine my life-long passion for ballet with my love of creating beautiful things out of laces, embroideries and other special fabrics.  As I am an animal-lover, none of my designs for Entrechat Dance contain any animal products: no feathers, leather, silk, fur, or wool. In addition, I source my materials locally and domestically whenever possible, to reduce environmental impact and support American manufacturing.

-Larissa, Founder & Designer